‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5 Future Timeline Explained

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is all-too-quickly approaching its end, with just two more episodes left in the series after Friday’s release. The good news is, it’s not like Midge and Susie’s story is truly ending — in fact, thanks to this season’s flashforwards, we’ve been slowly getting a pretty clear idea of where each woman ends up.

The thing is, those “Maisel” Season 5 flashforwards have gone just a bit out of order. It makes sense, given the chaotic nature of Midge’s life and career, but it might also be a bit hard to remember or keep track of. So, we’ve taken the burden off you.

Below, you’ll find a chronological rundown of the events that happen in the future “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Season 5 timeline.

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Mid to Late 1960s

Apparently, a huge part of Susie’s eventual success comes back to the fact that, when Harry Drake died, he signed over some heavy-hitting clients of his over to her. It’s unclear exactly when this happens, though we do know it’s sometime after 1963, since at that point, she’s still defending Harry when one of his clients tries to go behind his back.

On his deathbed, Harry tells Susie that he plans to will his golf clubs to her, and informs her she must learn how to play, so she can get access to some of Hollywood’s biggest dealmakers.


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Thanks to episode six’s “testi-roastial,” we learn that in 1970, Susie completed a “triple crown,” also known as three deals in one day. Having taken the advice of Harry Drake, Susie learned to golf so she could hunt down some of the major figures in Hollywood and make deals on the course.

In this particular instance, she manages to launch a movie, a hit TV series, and the careers of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.


In yet another moment of the testi-roastial, we’re taken to 1973, where Midge is set to re-marry, this time in Hawaii. But, she can’t go through with it. (It’s worth noting that, at this point, both Abe and Rose Weissman are still alive, as they are in attendance at the wedding. They paid for the cake…it was a very expensive cake).

So, like the devoted manager and friend she is, Susie cancels the wedding, and everyone she booked for it, thus proving just how close she and Midge still are at this point.

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Elsewhere in 1973, as we learn in episode seven, Midge is attempting to help her mother’s flailing business survive by paying to create commercials for it and funding locations.


Admittedly, it was a bit jarring when the first episode of the final season opened on a character we had seemingly never met before, in a decidedly different environment than we’re used to. But, once it became clear what was happening, fans embraced the show’s brief glimpses into the future.

This particular moment actually introduced viewers to a grown version of Esther, Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) and Joel’s (Michael Zegen) daughter. Turns out, she’s a bit of a literal genius — but, thanks to Midge and Joel’s parenting over the years, Esther’s also in therapy.

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Esther has grown resentful of her mother and her mother’s work, and is reluctant to even talk about Midge. Sadly, Esther seemingly reveals that Tony Shalhoub’s character Abe has died at this point, as she laments that he was the only one she was ever able to talk to.

Early 1980s

The second episode of the season also opened on a flashforward, only this one didn’t specify exactly when it was taking place. But, given the age of Esther in her brief appearance in the segment, we can probably assume it’s also in the early ’80s.

This flashforward is actually multiple packed into one, in the form of a “60 Minutes” interview with Midge. In it, we learn that she does in fact make it as a comic — well, more than make it. It becomes immediately clear that she has become a comedy legend, making friends with the likes of Bob Hope, Carol Burnett and more. All her dreams came true.

Of course, this flashforward also casts the first cloud on the season, as it reveals that Midge is no longer one of Susie’s (Alex Borstein) clients, after a falling out that led to the end of their friendship.

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After meeting the grown version of Esther in the season premiere, episode three’s flashforward brings in the grown version of Ethan, her older brother and Midge and Joel’s firstborn. And he’s on a much different track.

Ethan is apparently studying to become a rabbi, currently working on a farm in Israel. He’s also engaged to be married, which he didn’t tell his mother. Naturally, Midge isn’t overly wooed by her future daughter-in-law, and the feeling is mutual.


After a brief break from flahsforwards in episode four, the fifth episode of the season took fans forward once again, this time to 1987 — and to a prison.

Apparently, Joel Maisel got himself in trouble while “looking out for” Midge and wound up in jail. But, he and Midge are still on good terms at least, as she visits him. She even brings along headshots for Joel to trade to some of his fellow inmates.

Joel mentions that he should be released soon, “4-6 months with good behavior,” and will be able to meet his granddaughter, Rose. It’s unclear whether Rose is the daughter of Ethan or Esther, but it’s presumably the former, given where he was at in life last we saw him.

Sadly, this flashforward also indicates that Marin Hinkle’s Rose Weissman has died.

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Episode six was chock full of flashforwards, and it begins with one in 1985. During one of her sets, Midge reveals she “just broke up with someone.” But, it’s not Paul Simon, or one of the many men she apparently ended up marrying, it was a woman. And so we get the first glimpse into how, why and when Midge and Susie fell apart.

In a separate flashforward, we find Midge and Joel at temple, with their son, his wife, and new child. Suddenly, the FBI storms in to arrest Joel, which he is fully expecting.

As it turns out, once he learned that Susie was mobbed up, he offered Frank and Nicky a trade: they can run their criminal dealings through his club, if they’d leave Midge and her money alone.

The problem is, Midge has no idea about this until she reads the letter Joel wrote her and slipped in her hand before being hauled off in cuffs. What follows is a huge blowout argument between Midge and Susie, and the apparent end of their working relationship and friendship.


The bulk of episode six actually takes place in 1990, as some of Susie Meyerson’s biggest frienemies honor her in what they dub a “testi-roastial.” At this point, Susie is an incredibly high-powered dealmaker in Hollywood, and managing some of the biggest stars of the time.

Throughout the episode, we’re treated to bits and pieces of the future, as you read just moments ago. Most of it is pretty bleak, at least in terms of Midge’s relationship with Susie. But, the episode does end on a hopeful note, thanks to a surprise video from Midge.

In it, she asks Susie to meet up with her, so that they might bury the hatchet. So, there’s still hope for these two yet.

New episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” hit Prime Video on Fridays at 12 a.m.

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