Maruhachi: Celebrating with $8.30 month-long anniversary special

It has been 3 years since Maruhachi opened on 26 Nov 2020. To celebrate their 3rd anniversary, they will be holding a month-long S$8.30 special on certain dishes at all their outlets. Drop by before 30 Nov to enjoy this limited-time deal.

Maruhachi - Chef August and Yoko
Credit- Maruhachi Donburi & Curry

For Donburi and curry lovers alike, ex-Head Chef August and his Japanese wife Yoko started from humble beginnings with their first hawker stall in Punggol. Now, they have expanded to a total of 8 outlets under their belt.

For Maruhachi, the number 8 is especially significant as 8 is hachi in Japanese. 

Maruhachi - Anniversary Special

That is precisely why Maruhachi is presenting all their present and potential customers with their S$8.30 Specials made up of Donburi and Teishoku sets. Specifically, the Special Pork Katsu Don, Special Chicken Katsu Don, Pork Katsu Set and the Chicken Katsu Set

It is worth a visit if you have been looking to try out their food. After all, the usual prices of the dishes on offer range from S$10.80 to S$12.60. Not exactly the usual amount you would fork up for hawker fare, I know. But considering their business success, they clearly have a loyal clientele who believe that the prices are worth it.

Maruhachi - Facebook posts

It’s not just during a Maruhachi anniversary that they change things up. They regularly release specials for National Day, and limited-time or specific outlet-only dishes. Keeping things consistent on social media, they deliver greetings and well wishes for holidays as well.

It’s perhaps this combination of momentum, friendliness and their dishes that continues to power their thriving business.

Considering how spread out their outlets are, you have your pick on which is most convenient for you to visit. Why not drop by sometime this month to celebrate the third Maruhachi anniversary of success with them?

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