Mario Ho explains Weibo change following father's death

1 Jun – Macau businessman Mario Ho decided to explain reasons for changing the description on his Weibo profile following the death of his father, casino tycoon Stanley Ho.

As reported on Mingpao, Mario set tongues wagging recently when he went from having his Weibo described as "Hong Kong social celebrity, son of gambling king Stanley Ho" to "President of Macau E-Sports Association, iDreamSky partner, and Chairman of Shenzhen Weiwu E-Sports", just several days after his father's passing.

In response to speculations about the change, Mario explained that he actually arranged for his Weibo certification and description changed at the end of last year, after seven years of using the previous description.

He also emphasised that he was still in communication with the management of Weibo about what documents needed to be supplemented and that they would discuss related matters in a hundred days [following his father's passing].

However, Mario did not expect that the Weibo certification was changed overnight during the sensitive period.

On the other hand, it was also reported that Mario had made statement about his son with model Ming Xi being the first grandson, with many now speculating that the businessman is trying to get more of Stanley's inheritance for this particular reason.

To that, he clarified that his father's properties have already been divided when he was still a teenager, and that he has no interest in the inheritance as he is already successful in his own business.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)