Marian Rivera admits challenges of second pregnancy

16 Nov – Marian Rivera recently admitted that despite already having been pregnant and given birth to daughter Zia, it didn't prepare her for the challenges of her current pregnancy.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who spoke about her second pregnancy recently, shared that she has developed quite a big appetite and cravings compared to when she was carrying Zia.

"When I was with Zia, I didn't have that much appetite. It's different now. I felt like eating all the time," she said.

Rivera also said that while she used to crave sweets in her past pregnancy, she now has a newfound love for anything tart and tangy, especially for bilimbi, also known as kamia.

"It's really weird. I would dip it in salt and eat it raw. That's pretty much what I want," she said

She also admitted to be suffering from dizziness, unlike her smooth-sailing first pregnancy.

"It's tough to travel because I get dizzy easily," she said, adding that she is thankful that her home network GMA has been very helpful and understanding throughout the pregnancy.

As for the gender of the baby, Rivera shared that they will be holding their gender reveal party soon.

(Photo Source: Marian Rivera Instagram)