Maria Cordero lost her money to bad investment

14 Dec - Maria Cordero recently admitted that she had lost a lot of money from bad investments and husband's healthcare following her previous retirement.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who recently announced a comeback concert, shared in an interview that she originally planned to enjoy her retirement with her husband after her final concert in 2016, but lost most of her money due to bad investments.

Said Maria, she was convinced to invest a huge sum of her money on a technology stock after being persuaded by a friend who said that they will return the money to her if it fails.

It turns out, it did fail.

"They all went bankrupt soon after, so how can I ask them to pay?" she said.

Making things worse was the fact that husband Rick da Silva was diagnosed with terminal lung adenocarcinoma. Maria said that she had to spend a hefty sum on treatments alone.

Rick passed away in 2020.

Despite what happened, Maria stated that it did not make her a negative person.

"I am healthy, I can work. Although I can't get tens of millions, getting some money is okay. At least the family can live a stable life," she added, saying that her overseas properties will be inherited by her grandchildren.

Maria lost her husband Rick da Silva in 2020
Maria lost her husband Rick da Silva in 2020

(Photo Source: Maria Cordero IG)