Mani Fok happy to see VIVA making their debut

29 May - Mani Fok is glad that EEG's newest girl group VIVA has finally made its official debut.

As reported on Mingpao, the talent manager, who appeared alongside the quartet to promote their debut song, "Topic Killa", stated that she spent several months interviewing 60 potential members before finally selecting Ada, Carina, Macy and Val C.

Although their conditions were not necessarily the best, Mani said that there was room for improvement, which is why they were arranged to train in Korea before making their debut.

"They should continue to work hard to learn to dance and sing. Joey Yung is still learning, so how can they not learn?" she said.

Mani also manages Twins and Joey Yung
Mani also manages Twins and Joey Yung

When asked if she felt any pressure seeing that the group is formed 25 years after Twins, Mani said, "There is no pressure, but the situation is different. In the past, the age differences between Twins and me were only a few years. But VIVA and I have a huge age gap. I can give birth to them!"

As to whether she has any qualms about the members dating and being in a romantic relationship, she said, "I have no objection to that as long as it does not affect their work."

(Photo Source: Mani Fok IG, Mingpao)