Mandy Lieu and Alvin Chau call it quits?

31 Oct– Rumour has it that Malaysian supermodel Mandy Lieu and Macau billionaire Alvin Chau have called it quits on their relationship.

As reported on HK01, speculations about the relationship souring sparked after many noticed that Alvin has rarely been seen traveling with Mandy like before, with the model - who has been residing in London - spending more time with her children instead.

In addition, Alvin was also recently spotted celebrating his legal wife Heidi's 39th birthday with the whole family.

Sources claimed that the Suncity CEO has allegedly paid Mandy HKD300 million in breakup fee, and agreed to pay child support and visit their children every month.

The love triangle sparked in early 2014, when Mandy was seen attending several events with Alvin, and later revealed that she is in the process of developing her relationship with the businessman further.

Although the model admitted that she didn't know he was married at the time, the relationship did not end, sparking the anger of Heidi, who then filed for divorce against Alvin. However, the latter refused to sign the papers.

Things turned more complex in late 2014 following news that both Mandy and Heidi were pregnant with Alvin's child.

(Photo Source: hk01)

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