Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair dies at 40

Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair passed away this morning (18 Feb) at the age of 40 after suffering from a heart attack, according to news site He married Indonesian actress Bunga Citra Lestari in 2008 and they have a son, Noah Sinclair.

Sinclair’s mother Khadijah Abdul Rahman confirmed the news to Malay news portal mStar: “My son Ashraf has passed away. On the way to Jakarta now.”

The news was also confirmed by Dodi, who is Lestari’s manager: “Yes (he passed away). Heart attack.”

Tributes have started to pour in.

Former Malaysian news anchor Sheahnee Iman Lee shared this on her Facebook page: “Life is but a drop of time in the ocean of eternity. What will we make of our drop today? My heart goes out to the Sinclairs whom I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for. Mohamed Sinclair, Aishah Sinclair, Adam Sinclair you are in our thoughts and Ashraf in our prayers. Celebrate life, hold our loved ones close, forgive the ones who have hurt us and make good with those we have hurt.”

Malaysian actor Jehan Miskin who partnered with the late Sinclair on Fear Factor Malaysia shared this tribute: “Can't believe you are gone 😢 We started acting about the same time and I'll always remember your genuine smile and easygoing nature. My fondest memory of you was when we competed in Fear Factor Malaysia and for one of the challenges you had to eat raw goat liver and I ate raw goat heart 🤮 It was so gross and we laughed loads over how awful it was after 😂 🤢 Rest in peace my friend, our thoughts and prayers are with those who love you the most.”

Indonesian actress and director Cathy Sharon wrote on her social media page: “Rest in Peace.”

Photographer Jodie Octora shared this on his Instagram Stories: "We indeed belong to God, and we indeed toward Him are returning. Ashraf Sinclair 18 February 2020. Last picture that I took of him. May his deeds of worship be accepted by Allah SWT. Stay strong @bclsinclair."


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Photographer Jodie Ocera shares a tribute on Instagram Story. (PHOTO: Jodie Octora Instagram)

Sinclair first burst onto the entertainment scene when he hosted channel ntv7’s movie programme, Box Office. He went on to star in the local series Gol & Gincu, which was a spin-off from the 2005 film of the same title. Together with his sister, Aishah Sinclair, and her best friend, actress Sazzy Falak, they set up an entertainment production company called SinclairFalak in 2012.

Sinclair was also the brother-in-law of Malaysian singer Yuna, who married his brother Adam Sinclair.

Ashraf Sinclair in Melbourne last year together with his wife Bunga Cinta Lestari and his son Noah. (PHOTO: Ashraf Sinclair/Instagram)

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