Maika Monroe to Return for ‘It Follows’ Sequel From Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell


Nearly a decade after launching to strong reviews and a cult following, the indie horror flick “It Follows” is getting a sequel. Neon will introduce “They Follow” to international buyers at the AFM film market in Los Angeles.

It will, like its predecessor, star Maika Monroe and be written and directed by David Robert Mitchell (“The Myth of the American Sleepover”). Production is set to begin in early 2024. Neon will co-produce the film alongside Good Fear Content. Mitchell serves as a producer with Jake Weiner and Chris Bender of Good Fear Content, alongside the original producers of “It Follows,” David Kaplan, Erik Rommesmo, Rebecca Green, Laura Smith.

Monroe will reprise as Jaime “Jay” Height, the young woman who spent the previous film being chased by a supernatural entity following a sexual encounter. “It Follows” earned plaudits for its atmosphere and John Carpenter-like mood. It also inspired plenty of discourse over its clever deconstruction of the classic “sex = death” tropes that became popular in 1980s slasher pictures following Carpenter’s original “Halloween” along with serving as a parable for sexually transmitted diseases and generational fears related to intimacy.

“It Follows” earned $21 million worldwide in 2015 while garnering a strong following in post-theatrical among horror fans. It is seen as an early example of so-called “elevated horror” that began to popularize the genre — think “The Babadook,” “Hereditary” and “Get Out” — in the late 2010s.

CAA Media Finance brokered the deal with Neon. Mitchell is represented by CAA, Good Fear Content and David Fox at Myman Greenspan Fineman Fox Rosenberg & Light. Monroe is represented by WME and Entertainment360. The producers are represented by Hayden Godlblatt of FKKS, Allison Binder of GGSSC and Michael Weiss of Concentric Law.

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