Luis Corchon Joins Ronin Creative to Capture Epic Workout Atop One Thousand Museum Helipad

Legendary fitness brand Barry’s hosted an exercise event on top of the iconic One Thousand Museum helipad to promote the city of Miami as a new hub for technology companies. Participants of the event made donations for the cause with proceeds going to The Center for Black Innovation’s Accelerator Program to enable an eight-week course that will assist and train entrepreneurs.

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Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, One Thousand Museum stands tall at 700 feet, making it one of the highest points in Miami and enabling participants to see the city from the top while working up a sweat. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez participated in the event, which was attended by members of the region’s top tech industry leaders.

The epic event was captured by Ronin Creative, A Miami creative agency owned and operated by Jamie Trusheim. The creative collective brings together the best talents in Miami to produce top quality videos for events, brands, and musical artists.

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Miami Director Luis Corchon led the creative production, working with a team to capture the action-packed event from all possible angles. The team filmed the participants giving it their all while surrounded by jaw-dropping 360 degree views of Miami from the iconic helipad.

The workout consisted of an intensive set of drills with top-level strength training and cardio. Music was played through a state of the art speaker system provided by E11even, the legendary 24-hour night club which has designed their own speaker system—“E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio.”

Mayor Suarez is determined to promote Miami as a new technology hub for the country. “What's amazing about the tech industry is that they are some of the most thoughtful and most giving people I have met,” explained the mayor. “They don't just want to make great companies; they want to make a great city. And that's what the city of Miami is, and how we will be different from every other city in America.”

Attendees of note: Keith Rabois, General Partner at Founders Fund; Pete Gilligan, Chief of Staff at Founders Fund; Lucy Guo, Co-Founder at Scale AI; Delian Asparouhov, Principal at Founders Fund; Chip Virnig, Partner at Thoma Bravo; Jeremy Wood, Founder of OpenStore; Zach Frankel, Co-founder at Better, Candid, BOD, Ramp, Redesign Health; Healey Cypher, Partner at Atomic VC; Mike Shebat, Senior Manager, Global Product at Uber; Traba, CEO & Founder; Demian Bellumio; Miami Tech Life Founder; Kingsley Advani, Founder of Allocations, Partner at 305 Ventures; Christine Aylward, Founder & Managing Partner of Magnetic; Jason Lovell, Founder of Motion; Nihaar Sinha, Founder & CEO of Maiya; Erick Gavin, Program Manager for CFBI; Kevin Venger, Co-Developer of One Thousand Museum; Matt Haggman, EVP at Beacon Council.