Lucy Torres explains why she can no longer eat chicken

Heidi Hsia

2 Jun – Actress-politician Lucy Torres recently admitted that her "friendship" with a chicken has now prevented her from having the desire to eat one.

On 31 May, the actress and wife of Richard Gomez shared a photo of a hen that daughter Juliana called Delilah, saying that it reminded her of the time that her brother had a pet goat back when they were children.

"It was almost a family member, and there were times he would drag the animal inside our house to hopefully stay beside him at the dinner table. I say 'hopefully' because Mommy would not hear of it. But because of that memory I could never eat goat meat. Then, now, ever. After all, you never eat playmates," she said.

Torres said that she has now feeling the same way about chickens after "befriending" the mother hen seen roaming in her backyard.

"She nests her eggs tenderly, as if they were precious gems, guarding them with her life. Because there is this one wicked chicken who tries to steal her treasures. Solomonic wisdom says we side with Delilah. We check on her daily, and it's been over 20 days of devotion. Such pure love," she added.

The actress stated that she doesn't think she can ever eat chicken again.

"I actually haven't in almost two months. They are my lockdown friends. We smile at each other daily, they listen to my Spotify playlist while I read and journal. We are family," she added.

(Photo Source: Lucy Torres Instagram)