If 'Is Love Enough? Sir' sequel happens, what to expect?

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26 Aug 2021: If 'Is Love Enough? Sir' sequel happens, what to expect?

Rohena Gera directorial Is Love Enough? Sir features an uncommon love story between two different people. This independent drama shows us how a romance blooms between a rich architect and a poor maid. Is Love Enough? Sir had an initial premiere at Cannes Film Festival in 2018 and was later released in theatres last year. Let us explore the possibilities of the sequel.

#1: Will we see Ratna agreeing to Ashwin's proposal?

In the movie, we see Ashwin, a wealthy architect, and Ratna, a widowed housemaid, falling for one another. Interestingly, he was always seen to request Ratna to call him by his name and not 'sir,' which she eventually did at the end. It did hint toward Ratna's nod to Ashwin's proposal. If a sequel happens, they might live together, defying all the social restrictions.

#2: How will she face backlash from the society?

If Ratna and Ashwin agree to build a life together in the sequel (if any), they will have to face several unfavorable feedback. We do know that people's opinions will affect Ratna and indeed bring cracks in her relationship with Ashwin. However, there will be a point where her anger and shame will burst out. When that happens, she might leave him?

#3: Will Ratna ultimately decide to part ways with Ashwin?

Living in a society where people see Ratna with judgmental eyes will undoubtedly be difficult for her the keep pace with. And, she might consider parting ways with Ashwin, and start something anew. Like, she might continue her fashion designing career, which she got at the behest of Ashwin's recommendation. Seeing Ratna build her own life will be a good point-of-view for the sequel.

#4: Ratna might get married to Ashwin and fit-in high-class society

Another storyline that could be explored in the sequel is Ratna fitting in the high-class society of Ashwin. If she blends in properly, she might also take no time to look down upon the poor ones, which she was once. The makers could create an irony showing how the poor and oppressed ones start dominating their own brethren when they achieve wealth.

#5: What if Ashwin never returns to be with Ratna?

And then, there could be a totally different possibility in the sequel. Ashwin might never return to Ratna, ever after her call. He might have already boarded the flight for the US. And, Ratna and Ashwin might explore different aspects of life and meet somewhere in the future. For now, there is no talk of a sequel happening, but let's keep our fingers crossed!

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