Louis Koo successfully built 111 schools for children in need

5 Jan – While you're busy making resolution to go on a diet this year, know that Louis Koo has successfully built 111 schools for children in need for the past decade.

As reported on Mingpao, a photo recently went viral of the latest Sunny Elementary School being completed in Tianpeng Town in Yunnan Province - making it the 111th school to have been built through Louis' kind deed and philanthropy, according to sources.

Netizens who saw the photo couldn't help but sing praises of Louis, with some jesting that Louis has four hobbies - acting, tanning, posting on social media, and building schools.

The first Sunny Elementary School was established by Louis in 2009, and by 2019, more than 100 schools have been built for poor children. It was said that the actor not only donated money to the project but also attached great importance to the safety of the building by sending experts to monitor the construction.

Although photos of the school have made their rounds online, it is noted that no official statement has been released about it, as per usual, since the actor has never been fond of talking about his charity work.

(Photo source: Louis Koo Instagram | Mingpao)