Louis Koo: Everything I do is with good intention

22 May – Louis Koo has neither confirmed nor denied rumours that he has decided to take on several mainland projects to earn more money for Hong Kong productions.

As reported on Mingpao, in an earlier interview, filmmaker Cheang Pou Soi spoke about the problems faced by the Hong Kong film industry, and defended Louis against criticisms that he was using money he made in mainland China to fund Hong Kong films.

Cheang expressed, "If he didn't make money in China, where would he get the money to make Hong Kong films? People like to criticise his decision, and yet are not bothered to understand the situation."

When asked to respond to the filmmaker's defense of him, Louis said that he hasn't read the said article.

"All I can say is that I have good intentions with everything that I do," he added.

When asked if he is worried about what the outside world thinks of him, Louis replied, "I do everything with my heart."

(Photo Source: 17qq)