Looking to travel on a tight budget? Follow these tips

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Looking to travel on a tight budget? Follow these tips
Looking to travel on a tight budget? Follow these tips

11 Sep 2021: Looking to travel on a tight budget? Follow these tips

Are you passionate about traveling but are often held back after thinking about how much you need to spend on travel expenses? Well, it's important to understand that travel doesn't always need to be expensive. While travel companies offer numerous packages, if you're on a tight budget, it's best to smartly plan tours on your own, considering your limitations. Here are some helpful tips.

Train travel: I prefer night journeys on trains, you should try it

Many travelers prefer night journeys on the train for a reason. Firstly, nighttime journeys give you a pleasurable experience. And, then you can save the accommodation expenses for one night if you undertake a night journey by train. Thanks to Indian Railways' mammoth 1,26,366km-long track connectivity, offering services to almost every corner in the country, you can travel anywhere, but should plan in advance.

Current situation: Post-COVID-19 tourism strategy might help you save on travel expenses

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the tourism sector and to recover from the losses, many hotels and travel companies are coming up with innovative strategies to attract tourists. Keep an eye open for discounted prices or freebies on offer. Also, talk to your employer about Leave Travel Concession (LTC) and any incentives or tax redemption that you might get on your vacation expenses.

Food: Cook for yourself, if the place you're staying allows

Taking food from home on the first day of your trip will save expenses of two meals and snacks. Also, at many religious places or charity homes, they offer free meals, like what you see in gurdwaras, where langar is served. Talk to the locals regarding such places. And, if the place you're staying at offers the facility, it's best to cook for yourself.

Timeliness: Figure out the best time to visit your destination

The tourism industry often hikes charges and rates during holidays. So, it's best to travel quite before such days or immediately after that. Frequent travelers plan flight journeys on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when the tariff is low compared to other days. Now, owing to the pandemic, the tourism sector is restructuring, prioritizing the safety of travelers. So, it'll be a new travel experience now.

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