How Long Should You Stay in Japan? These 6 Visitors Share Why They Regret Not Traveling Longer

How Long Should You Stay in Japan? These 6 Visitors Share Why They Regret Not Traveling Longer
How Long Should You Stay in Japan? These 6 Visitors Share Why They Regret Not Traveling Longer

Whether you’re thinking of stopping in Japan on a tour of Asia, or you want to visit a few different places within Japan, it can be hard to decide exactly how much time you need in each spot. There’s so much to do and so much to see!

Especially among Taiwanese – seeing as they are about a four-hour flight away – there are some tourists who only spend a few nights in Japan, but they’ve told us that they really regret not staying longer! So, what is it that made them love Japan so much, they didn’t want to go back home?

1. Solo travel is a breeze!

The first time I came to Japan alone, I remember I was so nervous. But actually Japan is great for solo travel! When I went to eat out alone at a café or restaurant, the staff didn’t treat me differently at all, and were incredibly friendly. So I didn’t feel singled out or weird about being there without accompaniment. Even by yourself, there are so many new experiences and interesting Japanese decorations that I had a great time and didn’t feel the slightest bit bored. Although language can pose a problem on occasion, as long as you have some kind of translation app, you can at least get by. I haven’t gone on a solo trip since, so it felt weird coming back to the “real world”. I wish I could’ve stayed just one more day!
(Male / 20s / College Student)

2. You’ll want to experience the “true Japan”

There are so many adorable streets and hidden paths around Japan that I want as much time as possible to experience them all! Among the nostalgic streets I felt at peace simply enjoying the charming architecture with cute flowers, or the buildings in styles I had never seen before. I was moved by how Japanese people value even the smallest things in daily life, and I want to experience that even more than the time I’ve been here. I don’t want to go home!
(Female / 20s / College Student)

3. You won’t want to leave their fashion and trends behind!

I love the unique and colorful fashion of Tokyo’s Harajuku. I’m from Taiwan, and I much prefer going shopping for trendy outfits in Harajuku – they’re much more comfortable than back home too! You don’t need to care about what other people think, and it’s almost a form of stress relief. In Japan, you can dress however your heart desires, but in Taiwan I would feel really restricted. They care more about what you’re wearing, and would make that clear... I hope one day I can live in Japan.
(Female / 20s / College Student)

4. The amazing food!

Wagyu, sushi, ramen – I want it all! When I came to Japan, after I finished shopping, the restaurants I had planned to go to were already shut, so I found out just how delicious other Japanese cuisine was! I wish I could have five meals a day in Japan, but my stomach would only allow me to have three... The closer I got to my return date, the more I thought about all that food I had yet to experience. I really didn’t want to go home!
(Female / 20s / Office Worker)

5. Japan's air quality is better than other countries

I come from Taiwan, and the air is seriously polluted. When I traveled to Hokkaido, what really surprised me was just how much fresher the air was! Just across the sea, the weather is so much worse too. The blue sky and clear air were so refreshing. In fact, I wish I didn’t have to leave Hokkaido at all – I don’t want to go back to Taiwan’s air pollution!
(Female / 30s / Housewife)

6. There's so much more than just Tokyo!

I came all the way from England, so I thought a week would be enough. But a week isn’t even enough to see everything in Tokyo, let alone around the rest of Japan! I felt like I was just starting to find out things a little less touristy, and I was just starting to get more adventurous with food, when I realized it was time to go back. I don’t regret anything from my visit – I packed in as much as I could and I really enjoyed myself, but I’m really glad I’ll be coming back here soon to do a year abroad!
(Female / 20s / College Student)

It turns out all our interviewees didn’t want to go home at all! So when you’re planning your next trip to Japan, make sure to give yourself enough time, so you don’t return home regretting what you couldn’t do!

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