Loaded croissant hybrids by Swish Rolls are set to rattle the bakery scene

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The bakery scene in Singapore is a competitive one. Any bakery can claim they have the best croissant, waffles or even croffles. The differentiator is when something contemporary is brought to the table, which is precisely what Swish Rolls has done.

Swish Rolls Croons

Croons are croissants shaped in a circle, like a full moon— thus the term ‘croon’, which is a combination of ‘croissant’ and ‘moon’. As compared to regular croissants, croons are fluffier, flakier and filled with cream.

Though there have been a number of croissant-based inventions (such as the cronut, a croissant-donut hybrid which is popular in the USA), croons stand out by omitting the hole in the middle so that they can be packed with more fillings.

Crackly Sea Salt Butter Croissant and Deep Dark Varlhona Chocolate Croissant

Swish Rolls currently offers five flavours for their croons. For the purist, the Crackly Sea Salt Butter Croissant (S$3) is for you. It is essentially the beloved French butter croissant with sea salt and light syrup glaze, which allows pastry fans to have a deeper appreciation of its flaky layers.

Super Summer Berries and Ham N’Chee

The other croon offerings, which cost S$5.80, turn up the flavour scale.

Chocolate lovers will love the Deep Dark Varlhona Chocolate, which is filled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with chocolate pearls. If you prefer something more fruity, the Super Summer Berries is for you, as it is filled with a mixture of raspberry, strawberry and lemon-flavoured cream.

The Loaded Pistachio is exactly as it says and is topped with pistachio bits. Those who are looking for a savoury and cheesy bite should try the Ham N’ Cheez, which is stuffed with ham and loads of cheese, all while retaining the croon’s fluffiness.

Swish Rolls’ croons are freshly baked and are available in limited quantities, so be sure to pre-order them on their website beforehand, or head to their outlet at Cluny Court fast, as they are selling like hot croons (pun intended)!

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