‘Living in Color: A Love Story, in Sickness and in Health’ by Mike Murphy Provides Tender Insight Into His Late Wife’s Cancer Battle and the Under-Represented Experience of Being a Caregiver

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In a touching, honest memoir titled “Living in Color: A Love Story, In Sickness and In Health,” author Mike Murphy shares the beauty and tragedy of his wife Margot’s nine-year battle with breast cancer. Released October 12th, 2021, this intimate look into their lives, both as young lovers and as a married couple facing the reality of terminal illness, is a tribute to Margot’s strength. She handles her diagnosis with grace, and Murphy illustrates her indomitable spirit through accounts of triumph, setbacks, and painful transparency about their worst days.

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In addition to these heartfelt moments, the author shares his own insights into the day-to-day life of providing care for a loved one. He poignantly describes the good, the bad, and the enduring love they shared – which continues to grow even years after her passing. This is, at heart, a love story that connects Margot’s tenacity, vibrancy, and faith to fundamental lessons about living life, even in the face of adversity and tragedy.

Inspiring for anyone seeking a deep perspective on what it means to be alive, and a touching reminder of the power of the human spirit, Living In Color: A Love Story, In Sickness and In Health refuses to pull punches. The story of Margot’s battle is told in full detail, showing both the excruciating realities of cancer treatment and the empowering resilience of true love. This book is a must read for people with loved ones battling cancer (or any life-threatening illness), with Margot’s hopeful wisdom, graceful acceptance, and powerful faith as a guiding light through difficult times.

Recently endorsed in a video by Mariel Hemingway – an author, Oscar-nominated actress, and granddaughter of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Hemingway – the skillful, rich writing helps bring the experiences shared by Margot and Mike to life, and a collection of dozens of personal photographs further remind readers that these are real people, not characters on the page.

With so many layers, this beautiful memoir contains something for everyone: a riveting romance, spiritual lessons, painful realities, and the kind of lasting love that transforms everything it touches. Even in her final months, Margot’s incredible personality is truly an inspiration for living life to its fullest.

Living In Color is also a tribute to Margot’s lasting legacy, both the lessons Mike carries with him to this day, and the foundation he created in her honor. The Love From Margot Foundation sponsors natural treatment protocols at Mountains of Hope holistic healing center in Colombia, focusing efforts on women with breast cancer who may not have insurance or funds for treatment.

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