What links Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 “Pamela, that ship has sailed,” was which film-maker’s reply to an author’s complaint?
2 Albert Ghiorso co-discovered a record 12 what?
3 What puzzle’s original name was Buvos Kocka?
4 What are listed in the 10th-century Bald’s Leechbook?
5 What animals were used in the wartime Operation Columba?
6 Which Spanish-language song is the most-viewed video on YouTube?
7 Which prophetess was cursed never to be believed?
8 The Polisario Front wants independence for what region?
What links:
9 The Lover; The Quiet American; The Short-Timers; The Sympathizer?
10 Meinl; Paiste; Sabian; Zildjian?
11 Kings; Queens; Nassau; Suffolk?
12 Old Kilpatrick, Clyde; and Bo’ness, Firth of Forth?
13 Taisho; Showa; Heisei; Reiwa (from 1 May 2019)?
14 1908 (56); 1948 (3); 2012 (29)?
15 Eve in Killing Eve; Take On Me; early Kate Bush; Swift’s brute?

Actor Sandra Oh in a scene from  the TV series Killing Eve
Actor Sandra Oh in a scene from the TV series Killing Eve

It’s all about Eve.Photograph: Nick Briggs/AP

The answers

1 Walt Disney to PL Travers over Mary Poppins.
2 Chemical elements.
3 Rubik’s Cube (Magic Cube in Hungarian).
4 Medical remedies and cures.
5 Pigeons.
6 Despacito (6.1 billion views).
7 Cassandra.
8 Western Sahara (from Morocco).
9 Novels set in Vietnam: Marguerite Duras; Graham Greene; Gustav Hasford; Viet Thang Nguyen.
10 The “big four” cymbal manufacturers.
11 Counties of Long Island, New York.
12 Antonine Wall.
13 Japanese imperial eras.
14 GB gold medals at the three London Olympics.
15 Exclamations: (Sandra) Oh; (by) A-ha; (sang) Wow; yahoo (in Gulliver’s Travels).