Lin Chi-ling's mother would welcome Jerry Yan

14 Nov – Wu Tzu-mei, the mother of model-actress Lin Chi-ling, will accept Jerry Yan with open arms if it's true that the two of them are back together.

As reported on Epoch Times, rumours of reconciliation sparked recently after the former couple, who broke up back in 2006, was seen together in Kuala Lumpur last weekend.

Lin, who was in Malaysia for business, arrived first, followed by Jerry, who headed towards the hotel she was staying in. They were later seen together at a gym situated inside the hotel.

On 12 November, Ms. Wu, who was contacted by the media about the meeting, admitted that she knew nothing about a reconciliation.

"But if they feel good about it, I would be okay with that, of course," she said, happily.

She also shared that Jerry used to bring friends home for a get-together in the past, and that her daughter has remained good friends with him even after they broke up.