Lifelike durian purses without the smell and other wacky handmade bags for your wardrobe

Durian bag. (PHOTO: Farmrak shop)

Know someone who loves durians and would like to surprise them? Thailand-based store, Farmrak shop, might have something for you.

Making rounds on social media recently, the handmade bags store’s realistic and detailed durian purses are not something new to those who had visited their physical store at Chatuchak. Choose from a whole durian look or the sliced version, adding a little fun to your #ootd without the pungent aroma. 

While these bags look prickly, they are made of rubber and are safe and comfortable to bring around. Big enough to fit your wallet, keys and essentials, the smaller whole durian and sliced durian version cost 390 Thai Baht (S$17) while the larger whole durian will set you back 990 Thai Baht (S$43). 

Durian bag. (PHOTO: Farmrak shop)
Durian bag. (PHOTO: Farmrak shop)

Not a fan of durians? Fret not. 

Durian bags are not the only thing that you can get from Farmrak shop. The quirky store also carries other lifelike purses that mimic seafood, vegetables, and fruits. 

Designs such as pufferfish, crab, stingray, roasted corn, or even a bunch of bananas lookalike bags are available from this handmade shop. You can even gather a platter of fruits with the shop’s realistic purses. 

Farmrak shop offers shipping to Singapore and final prices will depend on postage weight. These realistic purses are the ideal gag gifts for your friends to brighten their day during the pandemic.