Liang Ji launches $18 orh luak using freshly-shucked Japanese oysters from Murotsu Bay

Well, it seems that Mr Dominic Neo from Liang Ji never fails to come up with creative ideas to attract the younger crowd. His viral S$8 hum-ful char kway teow, topped with over 30 cockles, made headlines in September last year. Now, he’s at it again with the launch of his Atas Fried Oyster, using freshly-shucked Japanese oysters.

Like I said in one of my previous articles, I really respect Dominic for his resilience and gung-ho, never-say-die attitude in life. He knows that he isn’t the most well-liked hawker in Singapore, facing many criticisms and toxic comments online.

He has also opened and closed his business several times, with one of the latest ventures being Liang Ji Kitchen at ORTO West Coast, where he collaborated with another establishment.

“It brought me a lot of problems, and I have learnt a lot from this,” he shared with a heavy heart.

liang ji - oysters
Credit – Liang Ji

Dominic has always wanted to bring his fried oysters to the next level.

“I was thinking, why has no one else used fresh oyster for their orh luak? Let me be the first then.” Dominic shared.

“I always love coming up with dishes that no one else has attempted to do in Singapore,” he added.

liang ji - fried oysters
Credit – Liang Ji

Dominic uses Murotsu Bay Oysters which hail from Hyoga, Japan. The small Atas Fried Oyster which costs S$18 utilises 5 of them, while the large one with 10 pieces goes for S$32. The eggs are stir-fried with starch before the oysters are freshly-shucked and placed on top.

Alternatively, if you’re icky about eating raw oysters, no sweat— he’ll stir fry the oysters together. Dominic says that his orh luak is healthier and less oily, which I can confirm as I’ve tried his char kway teow several times.

liang ji - stall front
Credit – Liang Ji

“If you’re not willing to fork out S$18 for oyster omelette, you can also order my normal orh luak for S$8 or S$10,” Dominic exclaimed.

Love fresh oysters and orh luak? Why not kill two birds with one stone and try the Atas Fried Oyster at Liang Ji for yourself? Let me know if you dig it.

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