Let Passion Inspire You to ‘Add to Life’ during 11.11 Lazada’s Biggest One-Day Sale

The largest shopping bonanza of the year is back – bigger and better than ever! On top of the mind-blowing merchant discounts and deals that bargain hunters have come to expect and love (hello, free shipping and stackable vouchers!), 11.11 Lazada’s Biggest One-Day Sale is set to surprise even the most seasoned of shoppers with tons of new treasures just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re stocking up on daily essentials or browsing for life’s extras that you never knew you needed, find everything and more at the ultimate, one-stop shopping destination that is Lazada.com this 11 November.

As Southeast Asia’s pioneering ecommerce platform, Lazada is all about helping both its buyers and sellers ‘Add to Life’. Beyond being a shopper’s paradise, it is dedicated to inspiring meaningful connections and memorable experiences by bringing people together through its technology, logistics and payment capabilities. With this mission in mind, Lazada is not only bringing joy into its customers’ lives through its fun and functional offerings. It is also empowering entrepreneurs across the region to bring their passions to life and fulfil their personal missions through their business ventures – be it to do good for the planet or to do more for their families. Here are three such entrepreneurs among the many you can look out for during 11.11 Lazada’s Biggest One-Day Sale!

Making Products Simply Good

Eco-friendly products come in many shapes and forms today – and their popularity continues to grow. Although plenty of eco-products use natural, plant-based ingredients that are proven to be safer for people and pets, the best ones are those that are also better for our environment.

SimplyGood founder Jeremy Lee was compelled to set up his company after finding out that most cleaning products are produced and sold in ways that are unsustainable, expensive and inefficient; in other words, anything but ‘clean’! What’s worse, they are often packaged in single-use plastic bottles.

On the contrary, SimplyGood products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are healthier for households. Its proprietary home cleaning and personal care tablets were also formulated to reduce your carbon footprint. 300x lighter and 200x smaller than the liquid cleaners you’d typically find in supermarkets, the tablets are dissolvable and refillable so you can eliminate single-use plastics from your home. Their packaging is compostable too!

“Most of the cleaning solutions available today come in liquid form, so the industry is not well set up to produce dry tablets. In the early days, many manufacturers and research laboratories we contacted did not have the right equipment to produce our formulas,” Lee explained. After hundreds of test trials, his team finally came up with the right formulation, resulting in over 28,000 single-use plastic spray bottles saved, 844.7 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced and counting.

Lee added, “The excessive use of plastic poses a serious global climate threat, especially following the recent surge in demand and consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that your actions, no matter how big or small, can go a long way in protecting the world we live in.”

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Fishing for a Brighter Future

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, traditional businesses had a tough time trying to survive. Many of them even had to fold due to the heavy financial strain. The Fisherman would have suffered the same fate, if not for the ingenuity of Khor Yi Ting and Khor Yi Chen, its second-generation owners and two entrepreneurial sisters who are only 23 and 19 years old respectively!

Originally founded by their parents, the dried seafood enterprise was first established as a physical store in Penang, Malaysia back in 1997. Due to the challenges that arose from the recent health crisis, the siblings began their bricks-to-clicks journey in 2021 with the aim of saving the family’s livelihood. As there were very few entrepreneurs selling the same goods online, they were able to make the most of ecommerce’s low barrier to entry and optimise the potential that came with being on Lazada.

Although their journey was anything but easy, the Khors learned a lot along the way. Besides offering high-quality, locally produced dried seafood, such as dried salted fish, dried anchovies and dried oysters at reasonable prices (at times even lower than the market average), the siblings’ dedication to excellent service and giving customers an engaging online shopping experience have become The Fisherman’s key selling points.

“I still remember helping our mother pack online orders until past midnight during peak season in 2021. We had to learn how to manage our operations better, figure out the price tiers for different assortments, as well as think about product quality, packaging, delivery, and customer service. We also discovered the importance of customer satisfaction, especially those who were making first-time purchases with us, as it determined whether they’d end up being repeat customers or never order from our store again. There was a lot of trial and error involved, but we gradually managed to grow our customer base, thanks to the help from Lazada,” Yi Ting shared.

Making the digital leap can be demanding, but the prospects alone makes all the effort worthwhile. The siblings credit the Lazada team for helping them drive more traffic and exposure, as well as for providing them with extensive hands-on support as they continue to build their family’s legacy.

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When Skincare Meets Earth-care

The best businesses in the world often turn passion and pain points into purpose. For Lana PH CEO Rizza Lana Sebastian, she had been searching high and low for sunscreen she’d actually enjoy wearing on her face, only to find that there were very limited choices available on the shelves. As both a fan of skincare and a strong advocate of the zero-waste movement – having been shaken to the core after watching the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’ – the enterprising Filipina, who is also CEO of Mink PH and Let’s Glow Aesthetics, decided to make her own through the brand she set up back in 2017.

Lana PH offers sustainable skincare, body care and lifestyle products, including reusable straws and vegan suede yoga mats, for living a zero-waste life. It is about ‘letting you be you by taking care of you and Mother Earth as you take on the world’, an ethos that is being materialised by its local, cruelty-free production processes and mindful packaging. What’s more, 1 tree is planted on your behalf in the Negros Island, Bukidnon or parts of Mindanao if you spend PHP1,399 and above on its website!

As a young entrepreneur, Sebastian founded her brand as a means to pay off her debts. However, she soon came to realise that she could be doing much more, such as give back to the community that most of her employees come from. “Although I started Lana PH because I was a skincare enthusiast who just wanted to earn a living, I began to understand that it could be way more than what it was. As a business owner, your vision should be bigger than you. Always zoom in on the question, ‘who can I help with the business that I have?’ so you can home in on the bigger purpose,” she said.

Although she was not immune to bumps along the way during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sebastian was able to push forward with the support of Lazada’s account managers and the opportunities afforded by the platform. The knowledge that she gained through Lazada University and its business advisory services also allowed her to use data and analytics to optimise her business.

Ultimately, Sebastian is motivated by seeing people soar – through her products or otherwise. To that end, she advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take chances even though they are scared. She added, “Ask the right people relevant questions. Don’t ever be shy to reach out to those who have made it in the industry, because more likely than not, they’re very much willing to help!”

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This content was produced in partnership with Lazada.