These lesser-known oils are magic for your hair

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These lesser-known oils are magic for your hair
These lesser-known oils are magic for your hair

20 Sep 2021: These lesser-known oils are magic for your hair

Our grandmothers always depended on oils for solving their and our hair problems, too. Remember those Sundays when she would massage your scalp with oil before bath? It may seem impossible to decipher what exactly goes into growing long, shiny hair, but oiling your scalp should still be part of your haircare regime. Here are five lesser-known oils that work like magic for hair.

#1: Lavender and peppermint essential oils are great for your mane

Lavender essential oil mixed with any carrier oil enhances hair growth and improves scalp health. Experts say, based on a study, that lavender oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. After an exhausting day, a good head massage is all what you would need. Using peppermint essential oil mixed with a carrier oil gives that cooling effect and increases blood circulation, aiding in hair growth.

#2: Wild bataua oil has vitamins necessary for hair growth

Applying wild bataua oil, at least once a week, will supply your hair with an immense amount of vitamin E and omega-9 oleic acid. This lightweight oil lends a shine to your hair and acts as a great skin conditioner, too. Meanwhile, batana oil, extracted from American palm tree nuts, is great for hair health and acts as a natural dye for grey hair.

#3: Try these oils to reduce dandruff from your scalp

A 2015 study revealed using lemongrass essential oil for a week had a great impact on reducing dandruff. Mix lemongrass oil with your normal shampoo or dandruff-controlling one for better effect. Use this daily for a week. Likewise, cedarwood essential oil also works in removing dandruff from your scalp. Mix it with a carrier and apply it thoroughly 10 minutes before your hair wash.

#4: You can also try these essential oils for healthy hair

Both thyme and tea tree essential oils promote hair growth. Add two drops of thyme oil with any carrier oil and massage it well on your scalp. It prevents hair fall, just like cedarwood oil. Tea tree oil functions effectively in stimulating your hair follicles and also acts as an anti-dandruff agent. Clary sage essential oil also makes your hair strong.

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