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Saturday 11, July

The Moon is boosting you in Aries, your sister fire sign, but the bigger news is that Chiron reverses in your love zone later tonight. With the Wounded Healer planet in retrograde, you get a gentle yet effective reminder to rise up to your fullest self-worth during the next few months. You are a fire goddess, bb.

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Friday 10, July

With the Moon moving through Pisces again today, your transformation is deepening in the sweetest possible way. The Sun and Moon are in a positive trine formation, making your intimate relationships even more intimate - and easier to negotiate, too.

Thursday 09, July

The Moon is in Pisces, filling up your transformation zone with a sweet dose of magic. Emotional intimacy is what the cosmic doctor ordered, Leo - so don't skimp on opening your whole heart to love and connection. You needn't touch, if that's not possible - it's about reaching out from your deepest depths.

Wednesday 08, July

With aggressive Mars squaring off with Mercury (currently retrograde in your house of secrets) the energy is just off today. People are angry for no particular reason, and it might feel like something is about to break. You could even be a bit accident-prone, so take it slow.

Tuesday 07, July

The Moon is now in your partnership zone so you may find yourself obsessing about the deeper significance of your relationships, past and present. Mercury is still retrograde, so there may be more emphasis on the former, not the latter. It's a healthy way to transform your current partnerships or bring new love into your life, however, so focus on that.

Monday 06, July

Your eclipse hangover could still be quite potent today - sometimes it takes a full forty-eight hours to get relief. Since Sunday morning's eclipse hit your house of transformation, you're likely still processing some deep change and letting go. Don't resist it, Leo.

Sunday 05, July

It's here - the third of the big summer eclipses. This one is impacting your house of work and wellness. Are you ready for a major shift in your projects and the way you schedule your daily life? You can make those big changes under this influence. Think about what works best for you and what simply doesn't - then let go of what's broken for good.

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