Legendary beancurd food truck with 3 flavours & generous toppings from RM3, open only for 4 hrs

If you’re in JB and craving beancurd, don’t miss the chance to try out the legendary beancurd, Yamada Beancurd. Situated in Taman Sri Tebrau, this food truck offers authentic beancurd starting at just RM3!

Legendary Beancurd - Food truck

This food truck, run by a family, has gained a reputation for its special Pandan Beancurd (RM3.50). All their beancurd are prepared on-site to keep them fresh and tasty. It’s a popular choice among locals, and the queue forms quickly due to their limited 4-hour operation

Legendary Beancurd - Beancurds

You can also choose from various beancurd varieties like Pure Gula Melaka (RM3) or White Sugar (RM3). Furthermore, there’s the option to enhance your dessert with various toppings, including peach gum (RM3), freshly made black sugar pearls (RM2), red bean (RM2), grass jelly (RM2), corn (RM2), and orange potato balls (RM2 for 5 pieces).

Legendary Beancurd - Dishes

This unassuming food truck also offers a range of beancurd creations. You can select your preferred base, which includes pure gula melaka, white sugar, or pandan (for an additional RM1). Among the available options is the Signature Beancurd (RM8), which features sweet potato balls and black sugar pearls. 

The You-Gan Beancurd (RM8) includes peach gum, sweet potato balls, and grass jelly. Additionally, there’s the Man-Pai Beancurd (RM8) with peach gum, sweet potato balls, and black sugar pearls, as well as the Dessert Beancurd (RM8), which boasts peach gum, black sugar pearls, and grass jelly.

Legendary Beancurd - Shaved ice

Feeling the heat? They also offer shaved ice! You can enjoy the Soy Shaved Ice (RM6), which comes with corn, red bean, and grass jelly. If you’re more inclined toward beverages, they also feature the Signature Soya Series. They provide Pure Soya (RM3), available with brown or white sugar, and it can be served either hot or iced.

The Three Colours Soya (RM7) comprises soya combined with red bean, grass jelly, and corn. Meanwhile, the Black Sugar Pearls Soya (RM7) features soya paired with hot black sugar pearls. Finally, the Three Mix Soya (RM7) is a blend of soya, beancurd, and grass jelly.

Visit Yamada Beancurd and savour some beloved local specialities!

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