Lee Lik Chi apologises to Michelle Lo over "sex videos" claims

14 Jul – Lee Lik Chi has recently posted a public apology on social media over his previous post that was considered defamatory towards actress-presenter Michelle Lo.

As reported on Mingpao, back in March this year, Lee took to Facebook and posted a message claiming that he heard Michelle had lost her phone and that several sex clips of her with foreign men had been circulating online.

Michelle had since taken legal action, filing a case in court to issue an injunction against Lee for his defamatory speech.

The "King of Comedy" actor then issued his statement via Facebook, addressing the previous allegations he made.

He wrote, "I hereby declare as follows:

(1) I have not verified the content before publishing the relevant information, since March 12, 2020, I have stopped posting relevant information on Facebook; (2) The Facebook account that published the relevant message has been cancelled; (3) I withdraw all remarks in the relevant message; (4) Regarding the embarrassment or inconvenience caused by the relevant information to Ms. Michelle Lo, I apologise."

When contacted about the public apology, Michelle responded, "We have entered judicial process. There is no response at this stage."

(Photo Source: On CC)