League of Legends: Sivir's rework makes her feel like a new champion

Sivir illustration from League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
The old Sivir may feel outdated and difficult to play with, but this reworked version feels like a fresh new champion altogether despite keeping her original skills. (Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends (LoL) developer Riot Games has been busy with reviving the least played champion in the bottom lane, after they announced last week that Sivir, the Battle Mistress, would be the next champion to receive a mid-scope update.

While still undergoing plenty of tweaks, Sivir’s rework was released on the Public Beta Environment on 23 June.

Riot’s Ray “RayYonggi” Williams released a preview of the reworked Battle Mistress but asked for comments while the rework was ongoing, a style different from other reworks released.

“I intend to pull back the curtain a bit and involve players more in the iterative design+tuning process here so your feedback is very valuable to ensuring we have the best version by 12.13. Tuning is not final,” RayYonggi said in a tweet.

While Sivir's entire kit is being changed, her abilities will remain the same.

By decreasing the damage and base mana of Sivir's early game abilities, Riot appears to be giving her greater scaling in the mid and late-game stages.

The change list also indicates that Riot wants “solidify Sivir as the premier AOE team fighting crit marksman so long as she can stay in the fight.”

Sivir’s gone through many changes in the past week but here’s what her kit looks like so far, after all the changes:

Sivir illustration from League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Sivir's rework will reward crit builds more. (Photo: Riot Games)

Base Stats:

The changes to Sivir's base stats may seem more like a nerf, but these adjustments were made to better fit her new playstyle. Her base stats have been changed to put more emphasis on her mana use.

Even though Sivir's mana, mana regeneration, and basic attack damage (AD) have all been trimmed by a lot, her attack speed and the amount of AD she gains per level have both gone up.

Players will also notice that Sivir's passive has lost a little bit of its power. This makes her less annoying and lets her catch up to her opponents without using her ultimate.

  • Mana: 325 (+50) > 300 (+40)

  • Mana Regen/s: 1.6 (.18) 1.2(.16)

  • Attack Damage: 63:58

  • Base HP: 632 > 600

  • Attack speed per level: 1.6 > 2

Fleet on Foot (Passive)

The goal of Sivir's passive is to have “sharper movement speed that synergises with attack speed”.

  • Flat 2 seconds > Decays over two seconds

  • Flat Movement Speed Gain: 45-60 > 55-70

Boomerang Blade (Q)

One of Sivir's most powerful abilities is also being affected by the game's emphasis on late game play over early game play.

Its early damage has been cut, but its late damage has been slightly increased and now scales with your chance to get a critical hit. Sivir's attack speed will now also affect this skill's cast time.

  • Base Damage: 35-95 > 15- 115

  • AD ratio: .7- 1.3 > .7 flat

  • Cooldown (updated) : 7 > 12-10 > 12-8

  • Cast time: .25 > .25-0 (scaling with attack speed)

  • NEW: Scales with crit chance up to 100% bonus damage

  • Cost: 70-110 > 55-75

  • Missile Speed: 1350 > 1450 outward, 1200 inward

  • Base Damage (updated): 15-115 > 25-85

  • Total AD Ratio: 0.7 > 80%-100%

  • Crit Multiplier: 100% > 75%

Ricochet (W)

Sivir's W can no longer bounce indefinitely. Instead, it will get only eight bounces but can now deal the same amount of damage to the same enemy twice. The attack speed on W coming from her passive is now added directly to her W.

  • Buff Duration: 3 attacks > 4 seconds

  • NEW: Bonus Attack Speed: 20-40%

  • Max Bounces (Updated): “Infinite” > 7 per ricochet > 8 per ricochet

  • NEW: Can now bounce back to targets that have already been hit. Will find new targets first

  • Updated: Max hits per target: 4 > 2

  • Updated: Deals 80% damage to minions on bounces

  • Attack Damage Ratio (updated): 30%-90% > 30% flat > 30%-50%

  • Bounce range: 450 > 500

  • Bounce Missile Speed (updated): 700 > 1000

  • Cost (updated): 75 > 75-55 > 60 flat

Spell Shield (E)

Sivir's E will continue to block an incoming spell, but it will not return any mana if it is struck by an enemy's attack.

In addition, it will now cost 40 mana at all ranks and have a longer cooldown. Instead of a mana refund, this skill now has a healing effect that scales with her AD and AP.

After initial feedback, some adjustments on the mana cost and heals were made, and are still being experimented on.

  • REMOVED: Mana Refund

  • NEW: Heals Sivir for (60%-80% tAD) + (50% AP) > 80%-100% tAD

  • NEW: Procs fleet of foot

  • Cost (updated): 0 > 40 > 20

  • Cooldown: 22-10 > 22-14

On the Hunt (R)

The most substantial improvements to Sivir's mid-scope update will be made to her ultimate. Riot is evaluating modifications that eliminate the ability's added attack speed and initial burst of mobility speed.

To keep the movement speed boost for Sivir and her allies while the ultimate is up and running, it will also refresh on opponent takedowns and grant her basic attacks a 0.5-second cooldown when they hit.

  • REMOVED: Attack Speed

  • REMOVED: Initial movement speed burst

  • Unchanged: Movement Sped for Sivir+Allies: 20-30%

  • Duration: 8 >8-12

  • NEW: Refreshes on recently-damaged takedown

  • NEW: Auto attacks during the Hunt reduce Sivir’s basic ability cooldowns by .5 seconds.

  • Cooldown (updated): 120-80 > 100-70

The Battle Mistress is still undergoing more changes in the coming days, but she's shaping up to be a competent, formidable option to carry the bottom lane.

Sivir may even be a good counter for Nilah, the newest LoL champion being tested on the PBE as well, as her new kit has movement speed and favours crit builds too.

Players on the PBE have mentioned that Sivir's new kit is easier to play with and can definitely impact overall gameplay.

We're just hoping that Riot decides to work on her VGU (Visual Graphic Update) next, or at least her outdated splash arts.

Sivir is one of the many champions that were reworked in the game this year, with the reworks for Janna and Tahm Kench released in January, Ahri's rework in February, Rengar, Swain, and Olaf's rework in April, and Taliyah's in May.

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