Lay Zhang expresses concern over fans crowding his vehicle

21 Nov– As much as he loves his fans, singer Lay Zhang (Zhang Yixing) recently expressed his concern over overzealous fans crowding his vehicle while he was in it.

As reported on ET Today, on 18 November, a video went viral showing the singer looking concerned and helpless as his fans in Zhengzhou clung to his van and knocked on the windows in hopes to get a good glimpse of him and interact with Lay face to face.

It was also noted that the van was stuck in its place due to the situation despite getting a greenlight from Lay to leave the area.

In response to the viral clip, the singer stated that he was grateful that fans were very supportive of him, but was also worried when they were crowding his vehicle.

"If I rolled down the windows and continued interacting with the fans, I was afraid that the car would topple and crash on them. I hope that everyone understands and be more careful. I love my fans no matter who they are," he said.

(Photo Source: ET Today)