Laura Ingraham Grills Ron DeSantis Interviewer on Lack of Economy Questions, He Tap-Dances: ‘Time Just Went By So Fast’ (Video)

Laura Ingraham will not be counted among the chorus of boos for Ron DeSantis’ glitchy presidential candidacy announcement on Twitter, as the Fox News host largely praised the poise of the Florida governor and moderator David Sacks in the face of crashes and delays that marred the start.

But there was the one thing that bugged her: Sacks, who appeared Thursday night on “The Ingraham Angle,” never steered DeSantis to talk at length about inflation.

“Let’s talk about economy, because that was one issue … why wasn’t more of a focus tonight on the issue, the number one issue that Americans say is bothering them, which is inflation, high prices, and the economy?,” Ingraham asked.

Sacks, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author, admitted that Ingraham had him there – then began a Bojangles-worthy tap-dance.

“You’re right, we should have had more questions on that,” Sacks said. “There are so many other questions that we could have gotten to. But the time just went by so fast. We only had about an hour, and I wanted to give him time to first lay out his vision, and he did that at the top. And then we got into some of these controversies that have been surrounding him.”

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Sacks continued to answer for the glaring omission by listing all the other, less important stuff they talked about instead.

“I asked him about the NAACP travel advisory,” Sacks said. “I asked him about Disney. We asked him about the book bans. Because there’s a lot of people out in the country who have heard all these narratives from the mainstream media, and they’ve never directly from him on these issues … and so I wanted to give him a chance to respond to those things. And then we talk about major issues like immigration. We talked about education.”

Ingraham also pressed Sacks on why Twitter crashed, causing a long delay to the start.

“Well, what happened at the top, Laura, is just we had a million people simultaneously trying to get into a Twitter space, which is an online room. And DeSantis just melted the servers,” he said. “We just had so much interest, I’ve got to hand it to him normally it takes a Kardashian to do that. We just had so much interest – it took about 15 minutes. We’ve never had that level of scale before on Twitter. I think the biggest room has been around 100,000.”

Sacks promised that if DeSantis ever announces a presidential run on Twitter with him as moderator again, they’ll tackle the inflation issue.

“I think it’s fair maybe we should have talked more about the economy, but we also talked about what a great, I think, economy the state of Florida has,” he said. “And there’s going to be opportunities for more of these town halls. So we’ll get to it next time.”

Watch the segment in the video above.

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