Last day of operations for Teck Hin Fishball Noodles on 6 Dec 2023

Not all was lost when Bukit Timah residents were informed that Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre will be demolished in the second half of 2024 to make way for an integrated facility— at least there will be a temporary hawker centre housing all our beloved hawkers. But sadly, Teck Hin Fishball Noodles has decided to raise the white flag early and has announced that their last day will be 6 Dec 2023.

teck hin fishball noodle closure - stall front
teck hin fishball noodle closure - handmaking fish balls

Teck Hin Fishball Noodle, renowned for its traditional handmade fishballs, will be closing its doors primarily due to poor sales. Some online commentators speculated that the intense competition from a rival establishment offering a similar dish may have contributed to this downturn.

The noodle stall was located at 443 Clementi Ave 3 for 7 years before they made the move to Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre in 2019.

teck hin fishball noodle closure - kway teow dry

The menu at the stall is nothing fancy, just traditional soup or dry fishball noodles with options like kway teow, mee pok, or mee tai mak. Each serving includes fishballs, fishcake slices and herh kiao. Customers can even help themselves to the pork lard made in-house.

Prices commence at S$4 for a small portion and S$5 for a medium one.

Upon the announcement by Eugenia, the daughter of the stall owner, on the ‘Hawkers United – Dabao 2020’ Facebook group, numerous netizens expressed sorrow regarding the closure.

teck hin fishball noodle closure - comments

One of them commented, “My hubby is a fan, he eats twice a week. He’s gonna miss them! So sad.”

Another states that it’s such a pity because Teck Hin Fishball Noodle has one of the best fishballs available in Singapore.

Asked if the elderly couple is searching for a new location, Eugenia stated that they are not the easiest folks to please.

For the moment, all that she can do is help them do group buys for their fishballs so they can earn their own livelihood while keeping themselves occupied. The search for new pastures is still ongoing.

So kindly give them your fullest support by patronising the old couple’s stall on their last 2 days of operations.

To support their home-based business after 6 Dec 2023, call +65 8688 2738.

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