Lan Pet Pet clarifies viral video of him fighting on the road

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6 May – Comedian Mazlan Ahmad, known to fans as Lan Pet Pet, has come forward to clarify about the recent viral video that showed him hitting a food deliveryman on the side of the road.

Lan, who spoke to the media about the incident, stated that the whole issue occurred in Jalan Ampang, near the Russian Embassy, when he saw a food deliveryman using a mobile phone while on his motorcycle in the middle of the road.

Thinking that the young man's actions posed a danger not only to himself but also to other road users, Lan decided to approach the said individual.

"I reprimanded the young man... [saying that] his actions were very dangerous. Not only can it threaten his life, but other road users as well. But he lashed out at me and provoked me instead," said Lan. "I'm also just a normal human being. My patience has its limits. I don't want to let go when attacked."

The fight between Lan and the deliveryman was recorded by a witness
The fight between Lan and the deliveryman was recorded by a witness

Lan, however, stressed that the whole fight lasted only seconds.

It is noted that the video, which was recorded by a witness, showed Lan holding the man and hitting him on the head, while three other men tried to end the scuffle. He was also heard warning the man before the whole thing ended.

Lan also revealed that he had lodged a police report on the incident.

"I also lodged a police report against the woman in the car who I believe has recorded and disseminated this video. I regret the action of this woman. She only saw the incident before her eyes, without knowing the real cause. I was told this woman started spreading the video through the WhatsApp application until it went viral," he said, adding that the woman's action is considered a defamation of character.

As for the deliveryman, Lan said that the two parties will face each other to resolve their issue at the police station.

(Photo Source: Lan Pet Pet Instagram, FMT)

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