Laksa Labo: Popular 60s laksa recipe revived by its original chef to give you a taste of old Singapore

I believe that laksa is one of the few local dishes with almost no haters. So there’s really never too many laksa eateries to have around. And now, gracing us with their presence is Laksa Labo which has recently opened its doors to the public in Aug 2022. So consider us your food guardian angel as we bring to your notice yet another hidden gem, and this one’s at Kallang!

So what’s the story that sets this laksa apart? It’s run by an uncle who headed a hawker stall decades before. So their laksa follows a recipe from the 60s that used to be extremely popular. It’s opened by the owner of Wild Coco Nasi Lemak which this eatery shares space with, but they have different chefs and kitchen teams. 

Laksa Labo - close up of laksa
Credit – Laksa Labo

What can you look forward to diving into here? They replace hum (cockles) with tiger prawns in their signature laksa items. Its menu is quite limited but that’s because they choose to focus mainly on traditional favourites. 

Laksa Labo - close up of Seaweed Crispy Zai Er
Credit – Laksa Labo

There’s of course the star of the list, the Classic Laksa (S$5.80) which comes with fish cake, tau pok, and tiger prawns. For an upgraded version, you can go for the Premium Laksa (S$8.80) which includes an increase in toppings like two tiger prawns. For S$1.20 you can also add Crispy Zai Er (S$2.80 à la carte) or Fried Bean Curd Roll (3 pcs for S$3.80 à la carte).

Laksa Labo - close up of food
Credit – Laksa Labo

The options for sides are Fu Pi Juan (S$4.80 for 3pcs), Seaweed Crispy Zai Er (S$3.80), and Mala Crispy Zai Er (S$4.80). One of their crowd favourites is Grandpa’s Tauhu Goreng, which is named after the chef and was another favourite in the 60s.

Go in for the comforting taste of flavourful broth and the nostalgic kick from old-school recipes!    

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