Kylie Jenner Dressed Stormi Webster in a Baby Thor Costume for Travis Scott’s Birthday

Shannon Barbour
Photo credit: @kyliejenner - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

The Avengers: Endgame movie comes out today, but it will forever be eclipsed by how Kylie Jenner threw the biggest Avengers-themed party for Travis Scott’s birthday and dressed little Stormi Webster up in a Thor costume.

While you were getting ready for bed last night and repeating that familiar TGIAlmostF mantra, Kylie and her fam were partying as if they may all disappear in a Thanos snap. Sorry, too soon, too soon. For the special occasion, Kylie dressed in a Captain Marvel bodysuit, Travis wore an Iron Man mask and suit, and they dressed baby Stormi up like Thor. If you were planning on dressing like Thor for Halloween, you’re going to have to up your game because Stormi had the cape, the hammer, and the half-up, half-down ’do just like him.

In one of the videos Kylie posted on her Instagram Story, she was trying to get Stormi’s attention by saying, “Thor! Thor! Hey!” Once Stormi realized Kylie was talking to her, she looked up and said, “Hey!” But Stormi didn’t linger too long to talk to Kylie because she only knows so many words and was obviously trying to go watch Avengers recaps before the premiere.

Kylie also shared photos of herself, Travis, and Stormi in front of a really expensive-looking car that could double as whatever the Iron Man equivalent of the Batmobile is.

Not to give you even more FOMO, but Kim Kardashian was also there and shared some photos of Travis’s insane birthday cake. It had mini versions of him, Kylie, and Stormi in costume on it, guys! There were also tons of snacks, and the whole party even got to see the movie in the comfort of their own home movie theater.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Casual. I’m fine. Totally fine.

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