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Kyle Richards loves snacking on this low-sugar, high-protein cinnamon cereal

Real Housewife Kyle Richards has made Three Wishes grain-free cereal part of her health journey.

If you're a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, you know that the latest season's drama centered around Kyle Richards. The ladies had a lot to say about the longstanding housewife, from her marriage to her sobriety and overall health kick. No matter your opinion, it's easy to see that Richards' foray into a healthier lifestyle is paying off in the form of toned muscles, and, according to her, a clearer mind. During a recent Amazon Live video, Richards revealed she never goes three hours without eating and shared some of her go-to snacks, including Three Wishes cinnamon cereal.

Prime members can order a box of this cereal from Whole Foods Market online. Not a Prime member? You can still try it, but you'll have to order at least a four-pack to have it delivered.

$7 at Amazon

"My snacks are apples with peanut butter, string cheese, raw nuts, watermelon, pineapple — and I love cereal," she said, adding that she had just eaten cereal just before filming her video. "I always choose a low-sugar, with protein, high-fiber cereal. There's one called Three Wishes that I like," she said. "I like the cinnamon one."

Three Wishes cereals are all plant-based and gluten-free. The cinnamon variety has just 130 calories and 3 grams of sugar per cup, but it still manages to pack in 8 grams of protein. With or without milk, its sweet crunch is ideal for all-day snacking, and like most cereals, it's easy to take on the go.

If cinnamon isn't your favorite, Three Wishes makes plenty of other varieties: cocoa, frosted, fruit, honey, strawberry and marshmallow among them.

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards' health journey has been a major topic of conversation on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Getty)

More than 2,200 Amazon shoppers share Richards' affinity for Three Wishes Cereal.

"So good!" wrote one happy customer. "We eat this as a snack in our house or on the go. Flavor is absolutely perfectly yummy and not too sweet. A healthier option for a sweet crunchy cereal with protein. Crunch is perfect, and the taste is loved by everyone in our house."

"I have tried quite a few different gluten-free, high-protein cereals in a quest to have a filling breakfast," shared another shopper. "This brand actually tastes like cereal should ... no weird aftertaste, the right amount of cinnamon flavor, and two servings last me about three hours before I'm hungry. The honey flavor is also good, but this cinnamon one reminds me of the Special K protein cereal."

"[I've been] eating this cereal for breakfast for a few months now," said another fan. "In my last doctor's visit, I was informed that I had lost 6 pounds and the doctor asked me what I was doing differently. I informed him about this cereal and that I was eating this for breakfast every day. It is a great-tasting cereal and filling."

"I'm allergic to many foods," shared a final shopper. "This cereal is perfect for me. I can actually eat it! It's worth the price for the amount of cereal you get. But it does have a little aftertaste. I mean ... it's healthy cereal. It's gonna have a little flaw, if you consider that a flaw. I'm happy to know there is a cereal out there for me."

Amazon shoppers also love this honey flavor. Snag a four-pack so you don't run out too quickly.

$60 at Amazon

If you're more of a salty snacker, Richards also said she likes to order Lesser Evil Popcorn from Amazon (the brand's small snack bags are only 60 calories a pop). Eating clean? It's organic.

"This popcorn is truly addicting. ... I need to go to popcorn rehab," said one happy snacker.

$17 at Amazon

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