Kristoffer Martin has a four year-old daughter

Heidi Hsia
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22 Jan – Kristoffer Martin recently surprised many by revealing that he actually has a four year-old daughter.

As reported on Rappler, the GMA actor revealed his status as a single father in an interview with "24 Oras", saying that close friends in the industry knew about daughter Precious.

"Alden [Richards] is a godfather, Bea [Binene] is a godmother, Rodjun [Cruz], Thea [Tolentino], and many others. A lot of people know," he added.

Asked why he kept his daughter a secret, Martin stated that it wasn't much a secret than the fact that he was never the type to share much about his own life on social media.

"You will see not much about my personal life online. That's how I am. I know how to balance work and personal life. I want to give Pre the privacy she should have," he said.

As for the identity of the mother, Martin stated that things didn't work out between them. Precious' mother now stays in Olongapo and that they have been co-parenting.

"I will never abandon Pre. She would not even feel like I am not around. She is my daughter," he said, adding that he is happy to finally reveal his daughter to the world.

Martin is co-parenting his daughter with the child's mother
Martin is co-parenting his daughter with the child's mother

(Photo Source: Kristoffer Martin Instagram)