Kristal Tin remembers mother on fourth year since her passing

5 Mar – Kristal Tin is still very much missing her mother, four years from the day that she passed away.

The actress shared a throwback photo of her and her mother from back when she was a child, and wrote, "It's been four years. I admit that I miss you every second of every day. I may not remember all the details too clearly, but the strong feeling still lingers!"

Kristal stated that she would sometimes meet her mother in her dreams, and would use the opportunity to embrace her in her arms and feel the love her mother has for her.

"Mommy, my dependence on you is beyond my imagination. Your love for me is beyond anyone. I love you forever," she added.

Kristal's mother passed away in March 2016 after two years of battling gastric cancer. The actress even wrote a song, "The Most Loved" in 2019, dedicated to her mother, and revealed that she cried in the studio for ten days while recording it.

(Photo Source: Kristal Tin Instagram)