Kris Jenner Threw the *Most* Over the Top Easter Party for the Kardashians

the kardashians
Inside the Kardashians' Over the Top Easter PartyInstagram/TikTok

The Kardashians simply can't not go all out when it comes to holidays, and apparently Easter is no exception. Kris Jenner went ahead and threw an intimate party for her family, and by "intimate party" we naturally mean an over-the-top celebration planned by professionals, with catering, activity stations, and an abundance of presents. Like...not sure what the Easter Bunny was doing at my house, but it certainly! wasn't! this!

Anyway, let's dive in. First up, these massive chocolate easter eggs, personalized for every single member of the Kardashian-Jenner family:

a group of chocolate cupcakes

Kris also went ahead and hired Mindy Weiss to set up a beautiful table, complete with personal egg nests. (If you aren't giving your guests egg nests, what are you even doing?)

a table with plates and flowers on it

Oh, and all the kids got stuffed-to-the-brim Easter baskets:

a stuffed animal next to a box
a group of stuffed animals in a store

Speaking of Kris' grandchildren, naturally there was a kids table complete with arts and crafts. (Setting up a flower ribbon wand station at my next party, thanks for the idea, Kris Jenner.)

a table with flowers and a vase of flowers

And despite everyone's busy schedules, it looks like all of Kris' kids attended the event—including Khloé Kardashian:

And Kim Kim Kardashian who shouted out her mom for giving everyone matching easter pajamas on top of everything else.

kris jenner

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kourtney posted from the party (mostly using this section as an excuse to look at Kendall's stunning dress):

a set of teacups on a table

And Kylie also made it clear she was there (looked for Timmy in the background, didn't see him):

a table with plates and flowers

Kay. I'll just be here with my hardboiled egg.

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