'Kota Factory 3' is happening: Exploring some possible plotlines

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28 Sep 2021: 'Kota Factory 3' is happening: Exploring some possible plotlines

Days after Kota Factory 2 dropped on Netflix, it has been trending high on the app in terms of viewership. In fact, director Raghav Subbu has confirmed to a portal that they are already working on the third season's script. Our protagonists might finally appear in the entrance exams, with some qualifying for the IITs and some not. Here are some other possible plotlines.

Past: We will know why Jeetu Bhaiya fears some students

The second season saw Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) establishing his own institute but barely explored his past. Multiple times he admits to being scared of students who obey him completely (like Vernali). He says this is because when these students don't get selected, he feels ashamed to face them. With Vernali potentially attempting suicide in the last episode, we might find some traumatic story.

Coaching classes: With Maheshwari as top competitor, Aimers will struggle

Given Vernali's incident deeply impacts Jeetu, running the institute, Aimers, will become a tough job. He will again have to look for a Chemistry teacher and compete with Maheshwari Classes. The third series might show us how brutal and cut-throat the coaching institutes can be. Keshav Maheshwari (brilliantly played by Sameer Saxena) will get more limelight as he might resort to playing dirty.

Threshold: Exam approaches, students' personal bonds go for a toss

Although the core group of students: Vaibhav (Mayur More), Meena (Ranjan Raj), Uday (Alam Khan), Vartika (Revathi Pillai), and Meenal (Urvi) were focused on cracking the entrance exams, it was their strong bond that kept them going. With the Class 12 board exam and JEE Advanced just round the corner, everyone will focus on their studies, leading to certain (irreparable) cracks in friendship.

Farewell: Series could conclude with the batch bidding Kota goodbye

In our review, we wrote how S02 felt like filler season for Vaibhav and the gang crossing the threshold of school to enter into college. This might happen in the next season. As the name is Kota Factory, we hope makers at TVF will not stretch the story after the students have left Kota. Them bidding adieu to this land might be the finale.

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