Korean star Lee Je-hoon felt less lonely filming Taxi Driver 2; shares his experiences with Grab and Uber drivers

The actor is in Singapore to promote his drama, unveiling never-before-heard tales that took place behind the camera.

South Korean 'Taxi Driver' star Lee Je-hoon on stage at a press conference in Singapore
South Korean 'Taxi Driver' star Lee Je-hoon made an appearance at a press conference at Resorts World Sentosa on Friday (24 March) (PHOTO: Bruce Lim/Yahoo Singapore)

SINGAPORE — South Korean actor Lee Je-hoon really, really likes his role as a 'taxi driver'.

The swoon-worthy star was given a warm reception by the local and regional media when he graced them with his presence at a press conference in Resorts World Sentosa on Friday (24 March).

He was in town to promote the second season of his drama, 'Taxi Driver 2' and will hold his first 'Vacation' fan meet in Singapore on Saturday (25 March) at the Stephen Riady Auditorium at NTUC Centre.

This revenge-themed show stars Lee as Kim Do-gi, an ex-special forces captain who becomes a taxi driver to get revenge on criminals.

Based on a popular webtoon, the action thriller's first season scored strong viewer ratings in South Korea.

Taxi Driver 2 takes filming fun to a whole new level

During the press conference on Friday, Lee told the media that filming season two of the drama was a lot of fun compared to the previous season.

"When I was filming during season one, it was lonely because, in many scenes, I was alone. So a lot of scenes felt lonely and wasn't that fun."

Lee explained that in season two, there were so many scenes where he had a meeting with his Rainbow Taxi team.

He recalled that there was once he could not control his laughter at a scene where he was filming with his team in the basement, discussing the next project.

"It was tough to hold my character because I was having so much fun, and so I was like, 'Oh, I'm with these people. I'm not alone.' So I had to force myself to calm down and stay in character as Kim Do-gi but inside, I was having so much fun," he added.

The actor also talked about reprising Wang Taozhi, a fake identity he played previously on "Taxi Driver."

The character scammed Madam Lim (played by Shim So-young) by flirting with her in season one of "Taxi Driver", and is reunited with her in season two.

Said Lee, "I was also really grateful that I was able to act as the character one more time. And it took me a lot of time to think, how can I bring this character back to life again?"

"One of the things that I wanted to ensure to show to our fans with that I wanted to ensure the relationship between Wang Taozhi and Madam Lim was really like unrequited love. I wanted to make sure like, 'Oh, it's not going to happen, but there might be some love between them'," he elaborated.

Korean actor Lee Je Hoon reprises his character as 'Wang Taozi' in 'Taxi Driver 2' (PHOTO: Viu)
Korean actor Lee Je Hoon reprises his character as 'Wang Taozi' in 'Taxi Driver 2' (PHOTO: Viu)

He is known to some 'Taxi Drivers' around the world

But Lee is not all work and no play.

He also shared some funny 'Taxi Driver' stories, including when he was sightseeing in countries like Singapore, and sometimes encountered drivers who recognised him,

"I sometimes use Grab or Uber. And whenever I do, they don't realise it until I thank them. When they realise I am speaking, they will check their rear-view mirror and look back, thinking, 'Oh, is that...?' Once they recognise me, I tell them, 'Okay, I recommend Taxi Driver to you. I promote it'," he joked.

While he visited Singapore on an official visit quite some time ago, he frequently returned on personal visits. He visited last year and this year after Singapore eased its COVID-19 border restrictions.

Overall, Lee Je-hoon's appearance in Singapore has been a hit, and it looks like fans are eagerly anticipating his 'Vacation' fan meet on Saturday.

Don't miss your chance to see this heartthrob in action on 'Taxi Driver 2' on streaming platform Viu!

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