You Know You’d Love a ‘Platonic” Season 2

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You Know You'd Love A 'Platonic" Season 2Paul Sarkis - Apple

Do you like thinking of your favorite shows like old friends? Are you hesitant to get invested in a new show because it might not stick around? Would you prefer consistency? Then let's gather all the information we have about the new Apple TV+ series Platonic's season 2, starting first and foremost with whether there will even be a Platonic Season 2.

We know that Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, the stars and titular Platonic pair of the series, have enough chemistry to keep the show running past one season. You've seen Neighbors, right? They're an undeniably powerful comedic duo. (Also NBD but the show's creator, Nick Stoller, also directed Neighbors.) Only on this show, they're not playing a husband and wife. They're playing... dramatic drumroll pls... good pals.

Has Platonic been renewed for season 2?

At the time of season 1's release, it has not yet been renewed. While it's rare for an Apple TV+ series to get past three seasons (only Servant, For All Mankind, Mythic Quest, and Trying have made it to/been renewed for Season 4) the streamer is usually pretty good about letting its original programming surpass one or two seasons–especially when it comes to comedies. The only shows that have been canceled after one season have been dramas.

What would Platonic season 2 be about story-wise?

That question obviously depends on how season 1 ends. If the show is a grand experiment about whether or not Sylvia and Will's relationship is truly platonic, then it could end with a romantic or sexual cliffhanger of some kind. Season 2 would then deal with the fallout. It could be about the introduction of a new platonic friend for one of the other characters, or a new romantic interest for Will. Or, you know, maybe everything will be fine. Maybe the second season will be more light shenanigans and adventures shared between two platonic friends. Crazier things have happened!

When will Platonic season 2 come out?

Okay, so let's say it does get renewed. How long will it take for us to get it? I'll use a similar-ish Apple TV+ comedy, Trying, as an example. That show has consistently had new seasons about one year apart since 2020. In theory, we could see a second season of Platonic as early as May of 2024. Another Apple TV+ show, Mythic Quest, has been a little less consistent month-wise but still managed to put out a new season every year. Meanwhile, Ted Lasso skipped 2022 and Dickinson had one season in 2019 and then two in 2021. It's annoying trying to predict these things for streaming networks, TBH. I can imagine it's just as annoying as the people making these shows.

Speaking of the BTS, don't forget that the Writer's Guild of America is currently on strike after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers refused to meet or even counter their demands for better pay, job security, working conditions, etc. and that will affect the new seasons of any show going forward. Hopefully, Apple TV+ will have enough confidence in Platonic to renew it during the strike and Hollywood producers will end the strike ASAP.

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