Kizik Brings ‘Motion Is Magic’ Story to Life With Experiential NYC Pop-Up in SoHo

Kizik is eyeing growth at a global scale under the leadership of chief executive officer Monte Deere.

In its next phase, the brand plans to launch a national brick-and-mortar rollout — starting with a New York pop-up this week. Kizik will also enter new wholesale partnerships and expand into international markets.

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The first national campaign, called Motion is Magic, launched on April 16. It invites consumers to “enter a life of frictionless freedom where they can experience the limitless possibilities of a life in motion” through Kizik’s hands-free technology. Images for the campaign – shot in Barcelona – tell a story that aims to invite consumers to connect and engage in an inspired, adventurous world.

“Motion is Magic is more than just a marketing campaign, it’s a rallying cry from the brand and a conviction that we all feel at Kizik,” said Deere. “Life is better when it’s in motion and our shoes will continue to evolve to enable and inspire a life full of possibilities. We’re truly championing the idea that we can empower people to live the frictionless life that Kizik and hands-free shoes bring them.”

Moreover, Motion is Magic has been designed to drive awareness and attract new customers online as well as in physical locations. The campaign will have omnichannel distribution including paid social media, linear digital display, traditional and streaming TV and more.

Notably, customers who are already aware of Kizik have been extremely loyal when it comes to purchasing footwear for themselves and others. According to the company’s data, 36 percent of Kizik customers purchase twice or more within a year, and 62 percent say they wear their Kiziks more than three times per week. Additionally, 40 percent of returning customers repeat within 30 days of buying their first pair of Kiziks and the brand’s average return rate is nearly half of the industry average.

Kizik’s Motion is Magic campaign was shot in Barcelona.
Kizik’s Motion is Magic campaign was shot in Barcelona.

As the Motion is Magic campaign begins to roll out across the brand’s website, social channels and other digital and brick-and-mortar channels, Kizik will open a limited-time experiential pop-up store in New York City, created in partnership with Yard NYC. The in-person experience will feature the launch of five new silhouettes and encourage shoppers to embrace the magic of life in perpetual motion.

Upon entering the store, consumers will be taken on an immersive journey that starts with product discovery — and then guides them through an illuminated portal. The campaign is brought to life through interactive multi-media installations designed to ignite layers of motion and magic with Kizik.

Kizik’s New York City pop-up will open on April 19 and run through April 21 at 127 Green Street in Soho.

Physical locations have proved to be successful for Kizik since the brand opened its first store in Salt Lake City in May 2023. Deere pointed to data gathered from the location showing a more than 70 percent conversion rate for customers who try on Kizik shoes for the first time in-store. At the same time, he said that Kizik stores have created a community.

Kizik Motion is Magic campaign.
Kizik Motion is Magic campaign.

“After experiencing the magic of trying on a pair of Kizik, approximately half of customers – within a minute or two – audibly say to themselves or to a companion, ‘I need to get a pair of these for fill-in-the-blank’,” said Deere. “In other words, experiencing Kiziks makes our customers think of someone they care about.”

In regard to Kizik’s ongoing strategy for retail expansion, Deere said he plans to test and learn about what works quickly.

Kizik plans to open an additional five stores in 2024, including locations at Mall of America in Minneapolis, King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia and Newbury Street in Boston.

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