Kit Harington has shaved his beard off and fans are calling it an 'utter travesty'

Kit Harington debuted a beard-less look on Saturday Night Live [Photo: Getty]

‘Game of Thrones’ actor Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the hit series, has left fans across the globe devastated after shaving his now-famous beard off.

The small screen heartthrob debuted his fresh-faced look on US show Saturday Night Live and explained that the new aesthetic was for a Winston Churchill sketch.

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“I’ve just shaved my beard so this is more of a pre-pubescent Jon Snow,” the 32-year-old joked. “This is Jon Snow if he suddenly played for the Yankees.”

Kit Harington, Rose Leslie and *that* beard [Photo: Getty]

But fans, who fell head over heels for a rugged Snow over a decade ago, were less than impressed with some taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

A closer look at the actor’s new beardless appearance [Photo: Getty]
A closer look at the actor’s new beardless appearance [Photo: Getty]

One described Harington’s new look as an “utter travesty” while another simply described it as “offensive”.

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A third social media user wrote, “Kit Harington’s attractiveness really is reliant on that beard, huh?”

But even his new wife and ‘Game of Thrones’ co-star, Rose Leslie, was unsure about his beard-free appearance.

The actress interrupted his Saturday Night Live monologue to ask what all fans were thinking, “How soon can you grow back that beard?”