Is Kim Kardashian Trolling Taylor Swift by Launching Her New Perfume on April 26?

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From Cosmopolitan

  • Kim Kardashian is launching her Kylie Jenner perfume collaboration on April 26...and that date has a lot of fans side-eyeing.
  • April 26 just happens to be the same day Taylor Swift is releasing new music/announcing her new era.

All celebrity feuds are created equal, but no beef is quite as delicious as that of Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Gather round children, because this feud's most recent chapter goes back to 2016, a golden era wherein Taylor, Kim, and Kanye West dominated headlines. The TL;DR version, since there's no way you aren't well versed in the drama?

Basically, Taylor and Kanye clashed over the lyrics "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that bitch famous," which prompted Kim to leak a private convo between them and call Taylor a snake. Which, in turn, prompted Taylor to hit the Notes app and pen the now-iconic line "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009." It was, and I can't emphasize this enough, a lot.

And now, Kim is out here releasing a new perfume with her sister Kylie Jenner, which happens to be coming out on April 26. No big deal right? Just a totally random date that doesn't matter, right? HA HA HA, do you even know Kimberly Kardashian, future lawyer and petty queen?

As literally everyone in the comments on this Instagram points out, April 26 happens to be the day that Taylor Swift is releasing new music/announcing her new era. See?

Here's a glimpse at the comments:

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

And look. I'm not saying Kim specifically chose this day to troll Taylor. But like...I'm not *not* saying that.

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