Kim Chiu remembers shooting incident after a year

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

5 Mar – It's been a year since Kim Chiu nearly lost her life in a shooting incident that happened in Quezon City while she was on her way to her filming set, and it surely has not been erased from the actress' mind.

On 4 March, the actress shared a series of photos of her praying at a church and wrote, "Pray, Hope, and Don't worry. - Padre Pio. Since the start of lockdown, I haven't visited the church, but today is a special day. As I say my prayer of thanks it felt different..."

"3.4.2020 the day that I almost lost it without knowing the reason why? I am truly saved by His grace. It has been a year. My faith just grew stronger every day. I woke up being extra grateful for this beautiful and colourful life he has given me. I still can't believe that happened. But I am very grateful that I am still here."

Chiu added that one's faith in God and His control is measured by how courageous one is when put to different tests in life, and that she thanked God for everything.

It was just last year that Chiu's van was shot by gunmen on motorcycles while she was on her way to shoot her drama, "Love Thy Woman". The actress, her assistant and driver were not physically hurt in the incident. In a vlog that she posted online weeks after the incident, Chiu stated that it was a case of a mistaken identity and that the actual target has apologised to her through one of her bosses.

(Photo Source: Kim Chiu Instagram)