Kiki Ding documents Yoga Lin's father-son bonding time

20 Nov – Taiwanese actress Kiki Ding recently made her fans laugh by documenting husband Yoga Lin's one-day attempt at taking care of their son on his own.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who gave birth to their first son in August this year, took to Instagram to share her thoughts about motherhood, and revealed that breastfeeding her son was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life.

"It was more challenging than my college entrance exam, graduating from college, and opening my own coffee shop," she said.

She then revealed that Yoga had decided to volunteer taking care of their son for one whole day, even telling her that her only job was to only feed him.

Admitting that it was too good to be true, Kiki shared a photo of her son's diaper on the ground in the next post, writing, "2pm - Mummy went to the bathroom and found the changed diaper was discarded on the ground".

In another photo, Yoga can be seen focusing on his smartphone instead on the baby. Kiki wrote, "2.30pm, [Yoga] enters into working mode and couldn't hear the baby crying."

She also shared a photo of their son playing with the mirror, while adding that her husband was still busy working with his headphones on. However, in another post, Kiki shared a photo of Yoga finally playing with their son.

Nonetheless, despite her husband's lacking, she stressed that Yoga has always been supportive, and would always help out with changing diapers and feeding their son whenever he's home.

(Photo Source: Kiki Instagram)