KFC’s fried chicken incense sticks for Chinese New Year draws massive flak online

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s only normal to see brands coming up with Lunar New Year-themed campaigns. However, one very famous fried chicken brand may have taken it a bit too far. KFC Thailand had announced earlier this week that it has created fried chicken incense sticks for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

KFC - fried chicken-flavoured incense sticks

According to news portal Thaiger, the fast food eatery shared an Instagram promotion for its new fried chicken incense sticks. Each stick reportedly contained 11 herbs and spices to mimic the smell and recipe of its famous fried chicken. Also, when touched, the outer skin of the sticks was supposedly to feel exactly like fried chicken.

KFC - incense sticks

However, very soon after, the Instagram post drew flak from netizens. Fun fact, in Asia, burning of incense is typically seen to ward off bad luck. It is also burnt at funerals, special ceremonies and daily prayers to paying respects to ancestors.

KFC - incense sticks

Even Madam Ho Ching, wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, posted about the fried chicken-flavoured incense sticks to her Facebook page, along with the caption, “Wah…”. However, their post about the product on KFC Thailand’s Instagram page has now vanished after reported backlash.

What are your thoughts on KFC Thailand’s fried chicken incense sticks?

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