The Key to Happiness and Success with Celia Smith

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For Celia Smith, digital creator and founder of Weekender Productions, it was necessary to touch rock bottom to gain a better insight into the essence of life. 2019, the year when Smith fulfilled her longtime dream of moving to Hawaii, marked the beginning of one of the most challenging episodes of her life.

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“This past year ended up being one of the hardest of my life,” recalled Smith in a Youtube video in 2020. “When I moved to Hawaii, my heart was broken; I had no friends; I didn’t know what I was gonna do; I didn’t have a vision; I was lost; I was basically homeless.”

Smith refused to let the uncertainty of moving to an unknown place break her down. The year after moving to Hawaii was an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the significant aspects of life.

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Smith realized that wealth is not correlated with happiness. As Smith saw all around her falling part, she understood that working towards personal growth was the only path to lasting happiness and success.

Smith categorized her life into four quotients: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual. “These four quotients are essentially the way that we exist,” explained Smith.

Physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development represent the four pillars of existence. Focusing on these four elements of her life allowed Smith to reach self-actualization.

Smith began by cultivating her physical wellbeing. A balanced diet and physical activity were critical to break the cycles of depression and self-defeating behavior. “I got into really good shape, and that made me feel better,” said Smith. “Instead of drinking, I would eat healthy cause that would be better for me long-term.”

Secondly, Smith meditated on her goals and dreams. She comprehended that to develop her intellectual quotient, she must create something that could impact the world. This desire to exploit her full potential led Smith to launch her company, Weekender Productions. Weekender Productions helps digital creators and entrepreneurs grow and develop their personal brands.

Then, Smith worked on her emotional growth. This quotient was critical in her path to success. She re-examined her interpersonal relationships and the way she connected with others. “I had to eliminate the toxic people in my life; I had to look for mentors and friends who were good people and learn to provide value to them,” said Smith.

Finally, Smith reflected on the meaning of her existence. Smith realized that the key to spiritual growth is to live a life that impacts others. “Why do you exist as a human being with the ability to communicate, feel, and connect with people, and what are you gonna do about it?” stressed Smith.

Today, having overcome adversity, Smith wants to help others cultivate physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. In the Weekender Productions’ luxury branding retreats, Smith encourages travelers to nurture these four quotients to reach their full potential. In association with: Artistic Initiative Agency

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