Keong Kee Herbal Soup serving chicken soup in coconut & wild boar curry for 3 decades

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a comforting bowl of soup, but have you ever relished the distinctive experience of enjoying soup served directly from a coconut? Keong Kee Herbal Soup in KL offers you the chance to do just that!

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Store front

Having operated for over 3 decades, this unassuming establishment has built a solid reputation for its double-boiled soups.

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Coconut chicken herbal soup

The crowd favourite is the Coconut Chicken Herbal Soup (RM14), served ingeniously in an old coconut husk. Brimming with abundant Chinese herbs and substantial chicken pieces, patrons are fascinated by its extravagant flavour.

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Pork brain soup

Keong Kee Herbal Soup goes beyond the ordinary with a range of exotic soup offerings. A standout among them is the Pork Brain Chinese Herbal Soup (RM8.50). Yes, you read that right — pork brain. Despite its unconventional nature, traditional Chinese medicine attests to its potential nourishing and revitalising properties, making it a surprisingly enticing choice.

The menu at Keong Kee Herbal Soup includes other soup varieties such as Ginseng Root Herbal Soup (RM10), Chicken Chinese Herbal Soup (RM10), Old Cucumber Soup (RM8), and Lotus Root Pork Rib Soup (RM8).


But that’s not the end of the culinary adventure— this eatery boasts a diverse selection of pork, sheep, and wild boar dishes. For a tempting experience, indulge in the Pork Belly with Preserved Cabbage (RM10 for small, RM20 for large), brimming with umami flavours that are sure to delight your taste buds

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Braised chicken feet

Chicken feet enthusiasts don’t need to worry as the Braised Chicken Feet with Mushroom (RM12 for small, RM24 for large) is a delightful option. For group dining, the Chinese Herbal Steamed Whole Chicken (RM40) is perfect to share.

Keong Kee Herbal Soup - Wild boar curry

For those seeking a more daring palate, the Wild Boar Curry (RM10 for small, RM20 for large) awaits. This dish presents a thick and creamy curry with tender wild boar meat and potatoes. Brace yourself— some say the curry carries a noticeable spice, so consider this fair warning!

Other noteworthy menu items include Braised Sheep Belly with Bean Curd Skin (RM12 for small, RM24 for large), Braised Chicken with Black Fungus and Ginger (RM10 for small, RM20 for large), Braised Pork Belly Hakka-Style (RM12 for small, RM24 for large), and Braised Pig Tail with Peanuts (RM11 for small, RM22 for large).

Are you up for a dining adventure at Keong Kee Herbal Soup?

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