Kenny Kwan has been stalked by crazed fan for half a year

9 May – Hong Kong actor Kenny Kwan has had it with one crazed fan, that he recently posted a CCTV screenshot of her on social media to express his frustration with the woman's behaviour.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor turned to Instagram to reveal that he has been harassed by a stalker for nearly half a year.

He shared, "I was about to rest at around 11pm on Tuesday when the security guard suddenly called me, [telling me] that a Mandarin-speaking lady in red has appeared at the door of my building with a suitcase."

"She used the security phone to try to contact me and my neighbours with the intention to break into the elevator in the lobby. Luckily, the security officers were able to prevent it from happening," he added.

However, Kenny confessed that it wasn't the first time that such a thing occurred, as the said woman has been commenting frequently on his social media accounts, and has somehow acquired a lot of his personal information.

"I was forced to change a lot of my personal information, including my phone number, early this year," he said.

Kenny stated that the woman's behaviour has really affected him psychologically, and that he was worried that his stalker would one day be able to break into his home and/or hurt him.

To his stalker, he wrote, "I am just a normal person in real life... I hope that you can focus more time on your family and work. I do believe that you will have a wonderful life."

At the same time, Kenny also warned that he will not hesitate to take legal action or get the police involved in the case if need be.

(Photo Source: hk01)